Charlotte is also a Advanced Registered EquiPilates™ trainer. EquiPilates™ is more than Pilates for horse riders – it is an approach that uses biomechanical assessment of horse riders to identify any asymmetry in and out the saddle that could limit their riding, and therefore their horses, potential.

equi-1Being one of the few Advanced trainers in the country means Charlotte can use her high levels of biomechanical skills to assess you dismounted as well as on your horse.

Once a problem is identified it is only then that it can be corrected. How many times has your instructor said “Your lower leg is slipping back” – but have you thought about why this is the case?

A rider’s position in the saddle has a huge impact on the way the horse can move underneath it. The alignment of the spine and any muscle imbalance through the body can affect the way a rider sits in the saddle, give aids to their horse and absorb shock through their spine and pelvis. Any biomechanical dysfunction can cause issues such as:

  • Pushing more weight into one stirrup then the other
  • Sitting deeper one side of the saddle
  • Holding your rein tighter in one side
  • Tipping forwards
  • Lower leg swinging back
  • Poor balance

These issues can lead to difficulties when riding such as disrupting the horses balance and rhythm, difficulty riding one particular rein or discomfort sitting to the trot.

These issues can also limit the clarity of the aid given to the horse and this may result in behavioural problems or musculoskeletal problems in the horse.

Charlotte can provide EquiPilates™ to suit your needs:

  • 1-1 Mounted and Dismounted Individual biomechanics assessment
  • Small group biomechanics assessment
  • EquiPilates™ small group workshops
  • EquiPilates™ 6 week fundamentals course
  • Taster sessions covering the ABC of EquiPilates™
  • Demonstrations and lectures
  • Regular workshops covering popular topics that riders struggle with


“I met Charlotte at a chance British Horse Society EquiPilates™ demo. I followed this up and had a one to one to asses myself and my position on my saddle. This was very interesting as Charlotte identified some very weak areas and issues with my position (these had been issues my instructor had also touched on, telling me to realease my lower back)

Charlotte worked with me in our EquiPilates™ classes to build up my muscles and allow me to adopt a correct position. As a result I no longer have a dip in my back, and find relaxing to the paces and taking tension away from the horse much easier. This aided our performance and allowed me to keep the horse relaxed and win and qualify for the Royal International Horse Show, and win at the New Forest Show, we then went to the National Show Horse Championships and performed beautifully coming home with a 4th.

Charlotte also worked on my straightness, learning to isolate muscles and working different areas of my body individually. All this combined allowed my horse and I to work together and also made me realise it was my position that was affecting our dressage work, as, when I corrected my position the horse started responding much more accurately.

We have increased our dressage scores from the late 50s to the late 60s, and are now working at novice/elementary level. This year we hope to get to the British Dressage summer regionals.

I still maintain my Pilates classes and pass on to Charlotte areas my instructor suggests to me. I find this very beneficial to allow me to make the best of my riding and my lessons with my trainer. It is very useful to work with your instructor and Charlotte as they work together to make the best of yourself and your horse”. Emily Giles, Winner of the BHS Dressage at Royal Windsor.